The Journal Lady® never leaves home without her camera!


The Journal Lady® began experimenting with her first little “Brownie” point and shoot almost 50 years ago. The black and white miniature prints of childhood, in an old leather photo journal, still reflect the awe of an innocent time.
Journaling with photographs is a quick, stimulating exercise. Capturing the moment on film is a spontaneous way to spark inspiration for the journaling process. Making photo art cards to sell or send to friends is a wonderful activity and keeps the image library up-to-date. To be able to quickly select a handmade card to share with a friend or customer is a favorite activity at A Writer’s Garden.
Lately, the “digital camera” has been working overtime taking pictures of items to sell on ebay! What could be more perfect than combining photography, writing and stuff with the thrill of finding new homes for an artist’s collection! Check out seaofchange at ebay if you dare to be tempted! Then hop over to Studmuffin's weekly blog for a playful, unusual, poetic journaling experience.

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