The Journal Lady® loves collage!

Collage, in the traditional sense of layering papers, paint, lettering, beads, fabric or ephemera, is what first comes to mind in describing the recent craze of this particular art technique!

But collage is more a metaphor for the life of the Journal Lady® as she is truly an inspirationalist and artist of many mediums, textures and layers. She incorporates whatever material is at hand to enhance her philosophy and passion for life and learning by creating imaginative works of art and one-of-a-kind journals. There is always much depth and soul expression in her work, all of which is inspired from intense visual and verbal journaling.

Nourished by her life-long artistic background and work as a calligrapher and graphic designer, she often marries words and letters with colors and shapes to communicate her message(s).


The Journal Lady® writes, paints, collages, lectures and teaches both
children and adults the importance of keeping a journal and the necessity for self-expression. She is a continual student as well as having studied at the Lyme Academy of Fine Arts, Lyman Allyn Museum, RISD, Colby-Sawyer and with over 50 national artists.

She shares her home and studio, A Writer’s Garden, in Stonington, CT, with her husband, Richard, a devoted doodler and partner in paint. For the past 9 years, a unique writing and art camp for children has enlightened their creative environment (see Art Bound Camp).

In a more serious vain, The Journal Lady®, aka Antoinette Ledzian, is an Advisory Board Member of PROTECT (see links), a national association to protect children. She is also a Certified Expressive Arts Facilitator whose work has been published in “Art and Healing” by Barbara Ganim.

Antoinette and Richard are members of the COVE which assists children who are grieving a family loss (see links).

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