The Journal Lady® dares to be different.

Once upon a time, many years ago in 1994, at a local YMCA in Westerly, RI, The Journal Lady® was teaching an art class to kids between the precious ages of 9 and 11.

Near the end of the session, one of the boys exclaimed how much he had loved being with this instructor because she was a constant source of inspiration and supplies!

In his regular school classroom, Tom said he would finish his assignments quickly and sit twiddling his thumbs in boredom! Much to her surprise, The Journal Lady® inquired why he didn’t write, doodle or draw in his journal during these wasted moments. Tom replied he didn’t have such a book!



Before the last "YMCA" class, each child had an individually bound and assembled journal of his/her own, complete with an assortment of papers and textures to stimulate and satisfy their imaginations in an otherwise boring environment! Never again would they be trapped without a means of self-expression!

This was the beginning of a serendipitious adventure for The Journal Lady® as she turned the old cliche of “filling a need” into a full time profession! On October 7, 1997, The Journal Lady® was officially trademarked and well on her journal journey of teaching the invaluable skills of the journaling process through writing, art, doodling and photography! To date she has made over 2600 custom journals for students and clients all over the world.

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