A member of the Journal Lady® family,
Studmuffin arrived on the scene via a
burst of energy after a migraine headache!

He is a true product of journaling
from a doodle! Inspiration hit and
with the help of a sewing machine, and
collection of ephemera, Studmuffin was born!

On his belt he carries his own journal with the
details from his birth!

On his chest, Studmuffin sports a button which reads,
“Sorry, I’m not for sale, I’m just here to support my woman!”

  Check out the pocket on the back
of his leather vest, complete with
a manual on “Zen and the Art of
Motorcycle Maintenance” and an
emergency set of tools in case of
  Attached to his arm is a miniature leather
jacket which was a gift from a student.
Around his neck, Studmuffin wears a beaded
Journal Lady® choker! His motorcycle is from
Zimbabwe. The little white heart on the back
fender is serendipitiously from the same place!